Internet Marketing And SEO – The Choice Of Successful Business

imsdmsbMost successful online businessmen in the San Diego area have made their names by hiring the services of internet marketing companies. These companies offer search engine optimization services, email campaigns, and other marketing strategies to attract the attention of customers.

Internet marketing companies have been on the forefront in making some big names in online business capture large portions of market share in their own niches. To monitor how the companies perform after advertising strategies were applied, a pay-per-click software is provided. Using this tool, the company can check every day the number of people who clicked their web site link to see what goods and services it is selling. Although not all visitors to the web site can be …

Copyright Issues For Good Writers

crifgwNewspapers and magazines are profoundly interested in publishing online, and as media companies get larger, the individual publication is apt to be part of a chain. For now, publishers generate little money from online operations but are investing heavily in the new medium with an eye toward the future.

“The struggle going on between publishers and freelancers is an understandable struggle,” Carlinsky said.”New markets have opened up, and the issue is, who controls the content? It’s not strictly because of electronic publishing, but that was a catalyst.”

For decades, publishers displayed little interest in freelance copyrights because they lacked value.

“Oh, there were reprints, and things like that but that was like lightning striking. Now the system sees content and

Writing Experimental Fiction Is Tricky

wefitSubmitting to editors who claim to want “experimental” fiction can be tricky. One editor may simply be looking for stories that are “fresh and creative; something I haven’t seen before.” Another may mean fiction “way outside the box” and “on the cutting edge”; stories written without restraint and without regard to writing conventions.

Ronald Sukenick, editor of Black Ice, noted for its “edgy” fiction, says “experimental fiction breaks away from the very narrow literary formula commercial writing usually imposes. When you break away from that, you open your fiction to a spectrum of possible styles and forms and release yourself of the taboos that hold those forms in place.”

Sukenick suggests to his writing students at the University of Colorado

Aussies Go Wild At Film Convention

agwafWhile the night is all about congratulating distributors on their success, the convention is perhaps more about distributors thanking exhibitors for helping them attain that success and encouraging the partnership to continue. There are always a lot of good-humored digs at colleagues and competitors alike. Said UIP Australian managing director Mike Selwyn during his presentation to exhibitors: “UIP is committed to the whole exhibition industry, even those we think should be committed.” Said BVI managing director Alan Finney–and current MPDAA chair–during his: “No, Monsters Inc. is not a documentary about the MPDAA companies.” Or take this expression of thanks to the awards sponsor and the company Australian managing director of Columbia TriStar Films, Stephen Basil-Jones, regularly has to negotiate terms …

Zoetrope Was A Classic Literary Journal

zwacljLast May 2, a little-known literary quarterly knocked the New Yorker–not to mention a clutch of other magazines–off its perch when it took home the National Magazine Award for best fiction. Published in newsprint, the journal, Zoetrope: All Story, was launched less than five years ago by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. In the insular world of New York media, the victory was a shocker.

As it turns Out, Adrienne Brodeur, editor in chief of Zoetrope, has a story with a fairy-tale quality all its own. After prep school and Columbia, the blond, willowy Brodeur moved to San Diego and married young. She worked in local government, rising to chief of staff for the county supervisor. “It was deeply satisfying in …

German Films Get Serious

Statistically, the film board counts openings resulting from both new construction and reopenings after upgrade and remodel. Nevertheless, only 108 new screens were added from January to June (236 in 2000, 448 for the full year). In the old Bundeslander of the West, a mere 68 opened (188 in 2000), while the Eastern federal states counted 40 over 48 screens. Of the 4,738 screens, 3,813 are located in old states and 925 in the Neue Bundeslander of the East. Closings remained stable at 153, with a slight shift from West (133 vs. 135 in 2000) to East (20 vs. 18). Broken down by size, only five new multiplexes opened with 44 screens and 10,735 seats as opposed to 13 that …

Do Bloggers Still Actually Write For Newspapers?

Changes in the newspaper industry have opened opportunities for writers who can understand the market. Here’s what you must know to break into today’s newspapers.

The daily and weekly newspapers published in 1998 are significantly different from the straight news and plain gray pages of past decades. (There’s even color on the front page of The New York Times!) One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is newspapers’ need for freelancers to help fill their pages.

But not just any freelancers. To get your byline thrown onto porches all around town, you must understand how newspapers have changed in the 1990s and how those changes affect the way you must write for them.

What’s New in Newspapers

wninpThe demand for freelancers